Boston Advance Cleaner


Boston Advanced Comfort Formula heightens wearing comfort by removing lipids and proteins and is tinted for faster rinsing. Leaves your lenses clean, clear and ready for the disinfection step.

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Safety information

Do not use if imprinted neckband on bottle is broken or missing. This cleaner will irritate your eyes unless removed from lenses by thorough rinsing. If instilled into the eyes, immediately remove lenses and flus eyes with fresh tap water until cleaner is thoroughly removed from the eyes. If problem persists, contact your eye care professional.


Cedepal TD- 403, Boric acid, Edetate disodium, hydrochloric acid, Naphazoline hydrochloride, Polyethylene glycol, purified water, sodium borate, sodium chloride, sodium hydroxide


Because your eyes are so important. Don’t experiment with just any brand. Not all gas permeable contact lens cleaners are the same. Use only the brand recommended by your doctor.


After cleaning, soak lenses in Boston Advance comfort formula conditioning solution for four hours (or overnight) before wearing. Discard solution ninety (90) days after opening. Store this solution at room temperature. Avoid freezing. Refer to expiration date on bottom of carton prior to purchase. Carefully observe direction, warning and precautions on inner carton.


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